Waves and Sub-Waves

Analyzing the effect that energy waves have upon the collective consciousness of the human population of earth is more art than science — at least at this point — and there are very few people even attempting to practice the art.  This is good and bad: good in that it is a boundless frontier open to


I took my family to see the movie “Gravity” recently and agree with just about everybody that it is a spectacular achievement in film-making.  Afterwards I was discussing it with my kids, and it struck me that there are some themes and ideas that can be applied to the current market environment.

Short Term and Long Term

One of the fundamental premises I use in my market work is the idea of “fractalness,” which posits that any universal market truth has to be equally dispersed across all time-frames and all scales in which a market operates.  It has to work the same on the 5-minute chart, the daily chart, and

Psychological Shift

It is a difficult concept to get your mind around: that events unfold not according to random chance, but due to the constantly shifting flux of energy that bombards our planet, which in turn has a direct effect on the human inhabitants of the planet.  We are, after all, just another part of this planet,


The energy forces that exert such an influence on equity markets are emerging as expected since the big top on July 19th.  It’s beneficial to periodically go back and look at what’s happened, so let’s recapitulate and also take a fresh look at the topping pattern to this point.


Whenever there is a phase change in the big 36-year energy wave, it is instructive to really tune into the flow of news to assess the tenor of the psychological climate, as it is psychology, after all, that defines how people feel about markets, which in turn triggers them into the action of buying or selling.

Wobbles and Rounded Tops

The pattern that has been shaping up since the initial high on May 22nd is characteristic of the way the S&P 500 Index changes course at important phase reversals.

Timing is Everything

A quick timing update for premium subscribers.

The Fail-Safe Signal

When it comes to market forecasting, there is always skepticism to overcome, as financial markets are chaotic non-linear systems that don’t lend themselves well to accurate prediction. However, since I am not attempting to predict markets per se – but rather the underlying conditions of mass psychology that generate market movement – I think you

Shifting Climates

The 36-year energy wave chronicles the shifting phases of the global economic climate, which is entirely formed by the evolving moods, attitudes, and actions of the human population of planet earth.  Perhaps the best way to think about this 36-year wave is in all caps — it is the WAVE of energy that